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Growing Your Business from Home with Caryn Kopp

Growing Your Business from Home with Caryn Kopp

June 12, 2019

Caryn Kopp is the Chief Door Opener® at Kopp Consulting, the company she built from the ground up, which specializes in helping business owners land initial meetings with high-level decision makers at big-time companies. She is also a best-selling author, nationally-recognized speaker and expert in business development who can be seen in Inc., Forbes, Fortune Magazine and Newsweek and has been featured on the Wall Street Journal Morning Show. Caryn discusses the dynamics of building her company from home for only a strict 15 hours a week while her toddlers were in preschool. Tune in as she shares her unique perspective on building what has been named as one of NJ’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies even while all her employees work remotely.

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